Bridging the Gap Between Hunger
            & Food Waste in Oklahoma 

We rely solely on donations like yours to keep up our operations.
Understandably, many people are hesitant about donating to  a charity, as they are un-sure how their donation is used.

Unlike other charities, we do not re-sell the donated product
 for a profit. 

We have recently began working with a large grocer chain, and will soon be collecting the food surplus from 20 additional store locations. 
This project will require 5 additional trucks to collect and distribute the food, and we are currently looking for sponsors.

 This will allow the Needs Foundation to expand our services to help feed more than 3,000 people each day, including families, elderly, and veterans throughout the Oklahoma metro areas. 

At this time, we are redirecting  a portion of food to 
the victims of recent storms this year, as many people
lost everything, and lack of food should not be a
 factor during their difficult time. 

All donations are redirected to needy Oklahomans via shelters, churches with community feeding programs, group homes, assisted living centers, public schools, VA hospitals, and other partner agencies.
We rely solely on volunteers and public donations for gas, vehicles, and supplies.
There are many ways you can aid to our cause. 

Even small donations go a long way!

Non-cash donations are great way to help out; donate your vehicle (running or not), donate 
supplies (refrigerators, food packing materials, etc.).

If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact us! And remember, all donations, including non-cash donations, are tax deductible! 

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