Bridging the Gap Between Hunger
            & Food Waste in Oklahoma 
Last year, the Needs Foundation helped pass the HB-1418, Josephine Meade Anti-Hunger Act, which states that grocers, restaurants, and all other food distributors may donate their food surplus without fear of liability.
The legislation of this bill has allowed the Needs Foundation to collect and distribute more food than ever before.
Our Operation Relies Solely on Donations
Above: Gov. Mary Fallin and Needs Foundation Founders at signing of Anti-Hunger Act.

with the help  of                        , the Josephine Meade Anti-Hunger Act was passed last year. This bill permits restaurants, grocers, bakeries, and other food vendors  to donate their food surplus free of liability, and the Needs Foundation will be able to collect more food to feed more people than ever before.
The bill was named after Josephine Meade (Grandmother of Mrs. Jacklyn Brink-Rosen), who was an anti hunger fighter during the Great Depression.
Section 5.6 A of House Bill 1418, Josephine Meade Anti-Hunger Act:
 "Any donor who makes a good-faith donation of food which is at the time of donation fit for human consumption to a charitable organization or nonprofit corporation shall not be liable for damages in any civil suit or subject to criminal prosecution for any injury resulting from the nature, age, condition or packaging of the donated food, unless the injury or death is a direct result of the gross negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct of the donor."  

View entire House Bill 14-18 here.

Thanks to Rep. Richard Morrissette, Jacklyn Brink-Rosen, and 

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