Bridging the Gap Between Hunger
            & Food Waste in Oklahoma 
The Needs Foundation approaches the issue of hunger in a different way, by collecting the excess perishable food surplus from restaurants, bakeries, and grocers, which would have otherwise gone to waste. We then distribute the food to needy Oklahoma families through  community feeding programs, group homes, assisted living centers, public schools, VA hospitals, and other partner agencies. 

Last year alone year we distributed more than 300,000 lbs. of food, and this year we have more than quadrupled that amount!
This food feeds thousands of people every day.

An important part of the Needs Foundation's mission is not only collecting the food surplus; locating the right places to take the food is vital. We want to ensure that the food will be made available to the people who need it most.

 We locate suitable distribution sites, ensuring that they can adequately handle and make use of the specified quantities of food.

We approach restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and food vendors with potentially high food surplus ratios.  We work with management  to determine the best collection days, times, and methods.

The donor will then simply put the food that will be donated into boxes (if necessary) and place it aside.

Once this is done, a Needs Foundation member will come at the specified time to collect and load the food into our temperature controlled truck.

We identify, weigh, and record tde the food each time, and the donor will receive a tax-credit form quarterly so that they may take advantage of the Charitable Donation Tax Deduction Incentive Program.
The donation is always anonymous, unless otherwise requested.
We collect fresh, un-served or un-sold daily food surplus from reputable grocers, restaurants, and bakeries.

 Community feeding programs/kitchens, public schools, VA Hospitals, senior centers, and Churches are ideal, and allow for families and individuals to eat nutritious meals in a safe, family-friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere.
If you are an organization interested in receiving food from
 Needs Foundation, please contact us.

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