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            & Food Waste in Oklahoma 

Protecting the confidentiality of our website users, donors, and affiliates is top priority. This privacy policy is intended to inform you about how we keep our website users, donors, and affiliates information private and secure. 

Personal information” refers to any information which refers to you personally such as your name, e-mail address and postal address. Please read this privacy policy to understand how we use your personal information after it has been collected by us. 

We may collect personal information from you when you do the following through our Website:

Contact us through our contact form or email, 
contact us regarding volunteering,
Donate to Needs Foundation

The personal information we may collect from you (as you provide to us) includes your:
•postal address;
•phone number (land line, mobile and fax);
•credit or debit card details; and
•email address.

The Needs Foundation does not share names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or other constituents with other non-profits, or any other 3rd party. 

 Except as otherwise indicated, Needs Foundation uses the personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") you provide about yourself: (a) to respond to any of your inquiries or questions directed to us through our website contact forms or emails; (b) to contact you in response to such matters regarding volunteer work, donations, inquiring or requesting the need for our service , or otherwise doing business with Needs Foundation (c) for internal purposes and as part of Needs Foundation donor or client database; (d) to cooperate with government officials or parties in litigation under process of law, or as otherwise required by law; (e) to protect against legal liability.

 In all cases, however, Needs Foundation agents, employees and contractors who have access to Personal Information are required to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, Needs Foundation encourages all its business Partners to adopt and adhere to standards of protection consistent with this Privacy Policy. Needs Foundation will not use the Personal Information, except as set forth herein, without your permission; provided, however, Needs Foundation shall own all such Personal Information and maintain copies of such as part of its records. If you do not wish to allow Needs Foundation the right to use your personally identifiable information as described, please contact Needs Foundation in the manner set forth below. 


All donations, including monetary donations, food donations, and in-kind donations, remain anonymous.

 From the time that the Needs Foundation collects/receives food from the donor, Needs Foundation assumes any and all liability of distribution thereafter. Food surplus that is donated to the Needs Foundation is never resold; it is redistributed to needy individuals as a charitable donation, and is presented as such at all times.

 Only under your direct consent, the Needs Foundation gives recognition and acknowledges our food donors by listing the donating company’s name and /or logo on the website, and other types of media and social media owned by Needs Foundation.

 If you do not wish to be recognized for your donation, or if you chose not to have your company’s name/logo mentioned on our website or other affiliated media, you may simply contact and notify us as to your preference at

 Phone#: 1-888-467-6066

​The provisions of this notice will apply to former users, donors and affiliates as well as current ones, unless we state otherwise. Respecting and protecting the privacy of the establishments with whom we work is vital to our operation.  

If there are any amendments or modifications made to our privacy policy, it will be posted here. 

(Updated 6/12/14)

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